How to Surf Skate without “Breaking Bones”

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It must be admit that the sport of surf skate is quite popular nowadays, from teenagers, adults to people over the age of 50, whether for the benefit of exercise or with the excitement received. Either way Surf skating is a great way to burn calories, lose weight and train your balance. But the fun of this sport comes at the cost of potential dangers. Especially for bones, joints, tendons and muscles. How do we do it? to reduce the likelihood of injury as much as possible ทางเข้า ufabet

Knees and elbows are usually not broken

Dr. Kriengsak Lek Kruea Suwan Physician specializing in orthopedic World Medical Hospital (WMC) states that statistics show that the position of the knee and elbow joints are often not broken. Often found only bruises or scrapes. Therefore, wearing elbow and knee protectors can help reduce the chances of abrasions or bruises, but you know, that’s not the most important piece of equipment.

The “wrist” is where most fractures are found

Number one is the wrist. because found that while falling Players tend to accidentally land their hands directly on the ground. resulting in most wrist injuries whether wrist tendonitis or broken wrist The most important piece of protection in surf skate is wrist support. More important than knee pads or elbow pads, anyone who is already skating surfing doesn’t have it. It is recommended to find it for immediate use. Because the research found Wrist support can help reduce fractures of the wrist bone as well.

Ankle bones are prone to fractures or fractures

The second order is the ankle, whether it is the ankle ligament injury. Or fractures of the ankle, because while surfing, skating. You have to use your ankle to turn and move the board. making it impossible to put on hard protective gear As a result, if an accident The ankle will twist and eventually lead to injury.

The forearm and leg bones were found to be broken

According to statistics, it is less common than wrist and ankle injuries. But it can be found as well. Even the doctor had operated on a patient with a broken arm from surfing skating. Bones in the face such as the nose, chin, jaw, etc.

3 factors that cause pain

  • jumping, whether jumping off the ground or jumping from various devices All increase the risk of injury.
  • Downhill increased chance of injury Because the speed of the skate increases, it makes it more difficult for us to control or control the skate. And accidents at high speeds tend to cause more injuries than low speeds.
  • no protective equipment Classified as an increased risk of injury. Having an accident while wearing protective gear will have a very different outcome than not wearing protective gear. It’s better to prevent than to cure. Better wear protective gear

Another ending is Skateboarding on roads with cars is strictly prohibited. From statistics, it is found that serious accidents are fatal. caused by playing on such roads Therefore, avoid playing in the appropriate area. However, even if we are wearing proper protective equipment, Accidents can always happen and injuries can happen as a result. mindful play not overdoing Therefore, it is the best factor to prevent injury.